Monday, September 9, 2013

Who Was the Leader of the Free World Today

If you chose A, then you're delusional.  Putin provided some much welcome on-the-job training for President Obama today with his diplomatic breakthrough on America's Syria crisis.  Thanks to Putin's intervention, military strikes by the U.S. on behalf of radical Islamist rebels, including al Qaeda, in the Mid East are on hold.  Obama will claim credit for intensifying this crisis over the last two weeks to the point where Assad may be ready to surrender his chemical weapons arsenal, but the reality is that Putin deserves the credit for talking our egotistical President off the ledge he put himself on.

It feels like today's outcome was a little too tidy and maybe orchestrated given that Obama and Putin had some time in person at the G-20 summit recently.  If this was prearranged, then God knows what Obama must've had to trade Putin in exchange for bailing him out of his promise to strike Syria.  If it was orchestrated, it was definitely designed to make Kerry, Obama, and even Hillary Clinton all appear to literally stumble into a Russian rescue.  At this point, I don't care, though.  I feel a bit rattled and am just glad it's over.  I doubt many Americans appreciated this little misadventure.

Check out the final vote tally from the House and Senate on authorization for the strike.  If only the amnesty tally looked as promising.  Our immediate threat is not the Mid East, but our own out-of-control, self-destructive government.  I wish Putin would do something to save us!

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