Friday, September 6, 2013

The NFL Must Have Agreed to Help with Obamacare After All

You might be surprised to know that Obamacare officially kicks off in less than four weeks, on October 1st.  Technically, there's still a way to stall its implementation if Congress resolves not to fund it first, but that would require quite a battle that clearly isn't happening .  With the Syria debacle, there's no time to talk about anything else.

Obama approached the NFL earlier this summer to ask for their help in promoting Obamacare, but the NFL declined.  Now I'm wondering if they really did decline to help after all.  It could be that Obama wasn't looking for help promoting Obamacare so much as just looking for some help with strategy.  It's working, too - what's happening now is Obama running out the clock to get Obamacare over the line.

If Obama ultimately bombs Syria without Congressional approval, that'd cause such an uproar, Obama and the big government Dems and GOP in Congress might get amnesty for illegals over the line, too, before the conversation finally turns away from Syria.  The debt ceiling also comes up in October, but that's just going to be raised without any meaningful debate because we're just too busy.  Drifting from one crisis to the next is the way of the Obama tenure as quarterback.

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