Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Goal Is To Get Everyone on the Dole.

Next time you hear someone complain about the Sequester making funding tight for some worthwhile function of the government, just keep this story in mind.  Boston and other cities around the country are taking part in a new program this year where every student will get free lunch - and the Federal government is funding the program.  Link.   They say the reason is that it will get more needy kids on the program by eliminating the paperwork needed to apply (probably a real hassle for the illegals) and by removing the stigma of being low-income.  What a profound waste of money!  Just try to speak out against it, though, and I'm sure you'll be blasted for taking food from kids' mouths.

I think there's another reason for this program, though - it gets everyone onto government support.  You know how else most of us will be on government support next year?  Obamacare!  Did you know that a family of four will have to earn over $94,000 not to qualify for health insurance subsidies??  If you have a self-reliant fiber in your body, then take that!  This government is legislating us into a bunch of part-time-working government dependents.

Everyone knows there's no such thing as a free lunch (or free health care, or free college, or free Obamaphones, or free EBT cards, or free on and on and on).  Despite all the failures documented in history, Socialists always think that this time, it going to work!  No it's not.  It's not like this country has some surplus that it's using to pay for these handouts.  No, they're getting tacked onto the debt and it's going to break the back of our economy and our society.  The only question is how soon reality is going to slap us in the face.

I always had a fear growing up in the '80s that the US could one day be forced into Socialism (Communism, actually) and that it would be because of a lost struggle with the Soviet Union.  It never occurred to me that it would come from within instead, but here we are.  Of course, collapse is a far more common demise of nations than being conquered (link).  Again, if you want something constructive to think about, check out Mark Levin's new book - The Liberty Amendments.

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