Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Only Leadership Left in DC - The Tea Party Conservatives

You may have seen Rand Paul's response to President Obama's address to the nation on Syria.  If you didn't, check it out - it's just 5 minutes or so.  He basically says that the US has no national interest in the Syrian civil war and that striking would only destabilize where the remaining chemical weapons are and in whose hands they're in.  He also argues that despite Obama's claim, he does not have the authority to strike without Congressional approval and he explains the Constitutional reasoning behind that statement.  One interesting thing is that this response by Rand Paul was not "endorsed" by the Republican Party.  There was no GOP response to President Obama's address to the nation, because the GOP power structure (Boehner, McCain, ...) are pretty much on board with whatever the President decides to do.  Rather, Rand Paul gave the Tea Party Conservative response and the media picked it up.  My guess is that the response resonates with you more than Obama's speech based on polling that show only about 36% of Americans in support of an attack on Syria.

Many Independents and those in the GOP are slow to back to the Tea Party, but it's becoming more and more apparent that they are not the far-right fringe element they are billed to be by the mainstream media.  Rather, they simply follow the Constitution as they swore to do.  They base all of their positions on the Constitution versus Obama who merely claims to be a scholar of it, which is not the same as upholding it.  Meanwhile, the GOP stands for nothing.  They refuse to prosecute the incompetence and fraud behind the Benghazi lies, the IRS scandal, and NSA snooping.  They will not block Obamacare or impose significant limits to Obama's deficit spending.  They will go along with amnesty for tens of millions of illegals without insisting on any actual border security - which will be their demise.  It makes you wonder what the heck the NSA has on these guys.

The Tea Party needs many more in their ranks in 2014.  Please take notice of their message in the interim if you're just tuning in - the establishment GOP is not a viable solution to the problems of overspending and government authoritarianism that we face today.  Besides, the Tea Party stars are full of class - see how Ted Cruz acknowledged Obama for abiding by the overwhelming will of the people with respect to Syria (link).  It's encouraging to see the Tea Party tent grow.  Drudge just slammed the GOP last week!  My Ron Paul friend may have been right not to vote for Romney - a second Obama term may be the awakening that didn't quite happen during the first.  Let's hope!

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