Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Phoney: Hope and Change

I guess the big ears should have been the first clue that something was wrong in 2008.  It's remarkable to consider the other similarities between Bush and Obama:

- Both are responsible for doubling the national debt.  For Bush, it went from roughly $4T to $9T.  Now at $17T, it's pretty obvious that we'll hit $18T.  That means that each accumulated more debt than all of the presidents before him combined.

- Both massively grew the government and entitlements.  Bush established the Homeland Security Dept and expanded Medicare.  Obamacare is just one example of Obama's expansion - a new entitlement program destined to collapse just as sure as our existing entitlement programs, not to mention all the new agencies and regulations to implement it.

- Both are absolute disasters when it comes to the economy.  Bush popped the mortgage bubble and Obama has nothing to show for the trillions in stimulus money he's squandered on his green energy and union cronies.  It's true Obama has recovered some of the jobs that were lost in the Great Recession, but I read recently that for every 8 jobs created under Obama in 2013, 7 of them are part time!!

- And now we see that Obama's every bit as willing as Bush to pull us into new conflicts in the Middle East.  Except unlike Bush, he doesn't bother to seek Congressional approval.

The only difference between Bush and Obama is the liberal media treatment of the two and it's incredible how liberals don't seem to mind the hypocrisy.  In fact, just yesterday, I was hearing all about the justification for Obama to attack Syria.  Suddenly it's controversial where I live to oppose getting involved in a new war in the Middle East!  Look at these next two cartoons - what happened to Hope and Change?  Who knew in 2008 that change would mean doubling down?  In Bush's second term, we had a lame duck President.  In Obama's second term, we have a lame duck Constitution.

There are so many similarities in the outcomes with Democrats vs establishment Republicans in power.  The only politicians interested in unraveling the mess we're in are the Conservative Tea Party Republicans - that's why they're vilified.  If you think they're extremists on the fringe, then you've fallen for the liberal media narrative.  Was there anything extreme or right-wing about the American Revolution or the Constitution when you learned about them in school?  As far as I can tell, Tea Party Conservatives have two unifying aims: 1) Balance the Budget and 2) Restore the Constitution, which our government is completely unmoored from.  We agree on social issues, too - they should be left to the states.

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